Taylor Farms Dairy Goats

Reservation Information for Kids/Planned Breedings For Next Season

We are approaching breeding season now and I will list scheduled breedings below as pairings are planned. If you want to reserve a kid from one of these breedings you need to contact me and place a deposit of $75 to hold your kid. You will be notified when the birth takes place and will have 10 days from then to pay the balance due in full. Shipping or pick-up can be arranged at that time.

 We reserve the right to retain any kid born here for our own herd. In the case that apon evaluation we do decide to retain a baby you have reserved, you will be give the option to hold the reservation for the following year or have your deposit returned to you or make another choice from our unreserved kids remaining available.

 Planned Breedings for 2015 spring kidding season


June           x        

Windy         x        

Creole         x         

Butter Bean     x       




ButterCream   x      Cotton Creek Kids Sienna

Panda             x        Cotton Creek Kids Sienna

Registered Experimental

Winter           x      







Please see Buck and Doe page for photos


 Contact us at TaylorFarms1970@att.net for reservation info on the kid of your choice.